Welcome to David French & Associates

As the marketplace becomes more global it takes a very different firm to help your company grow, your community reinvent itself, and your firm be more profitable.

Our firm is focused on growth and global expansion, but with a strong ability to help in the implementation of those objectives. Of course we have amazing insight, research, analytics, and resources at your disposal, but we also have the most amazing people, our own distribution network – through our own distribution subsidiary – and a real knack for creating the success that other firms document and analyze.

We work for you with humility, creativity, and a strong desire to accomplish your goals. At times, we get a bit obsessed – it’s true, but it’s why our clients hold onto us for years. Our staff stays with us as well and they’re amazing, creative, and love challenges.

The world and market are continuously changing. Maybe it’s time to get a new perspective on consulting and on business.